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| CARIBBEAN 1897| Premium Edition


Our first rum brand, registered in 1897 and born from the knowledge and know-how of our Cuban master rum maker José Navarro, starting our tradition of making the best rums for more than 130 years.

La Morita Caribbean

Specialty rums

ron viejo La Morita Caribeña

Based on an ancient recipe prepared by the ancient Basques, this specially selected rum has been naturally matured in Iberian oak barrels for at least 15 years, giving this impressive rum its incredible aroma, flavor and body.

Vanilla, cocoa, orange peel, coconut water, leather, tobacco leaves, spices and a host of other aromas and flavors make this fine-tuned and unique rum flavorful, full-bodied and very long on the palate. Our true flagship creation.

Lanzamiento ron reserva 15 años

A special blend, carefully selected from the best barrels in our aging cellar to create a unique product. Full-bodied, rich and extremely complex, but gentle on the palate and very tasty.

This rum has been fully matured in barrels in our cellar from an inimitable selection of the best sugar cane distillates from around the world.

Traditional rum

ron blanco La Morita Caribeña

Rum with a marked Latin profile, dry but light, following the style of traditional Cuban rums.


ron añejo La Morita Caribeña

A blend of aged rums, aged in our cellars for a minimum of one year, carefully selected by our master rum maker to obtain this rum with a light and friendly character.

ron viejo La Morita Caribeña

A blend of old rums, aged in our cellars for a minimum of 3 years, being impregnated with a more robust character with hints of noble woods and delicate spices.

Spiced rum and rum liqueur

ron naranja La Morita Caribeña

Using as a base our renowned aged rum, having subsequently macerated and distilled the peels of the best marl, sweet and blood oranges from our orchards, we obtain this delicate elixir with an intense fragrance of oranges and orange blossomscombined in perfect harmony with a subtle background of sugar cane and vanilla.

ron coco La Morita Caribeña

With the base of our renowned rum, and adding water and coconut pulp to the product, we obtain an unparalleled product that after aging in barrels for 1 year, retains an incredible aroma of coconut, cocoa, honey and citrus, which will not leave anyone indifferent.

ron y especias La Morita Caribeña

This product is the result of the maceration in our rum barrels of at least 1 year of maturation of the highest quality spices, from the most famous corners of the world: nutmeg from the Moluccas, cinnamon from Ceylon, cardamom from Nepal and ginger from Thailand, among others, which give a unique flavor to the rum. balsamic and spicy notes of great complexity and intensity that will immerse you in a spiral of sensations.

Selected blend of aged rums, seasoned with “mil flores” honey. Until a mixture of 20o of alcohol is obtained.

ron exótico La Morita Caribeña

Honoring the family history of world travelers and their passion for research and collection of fruits and spices from any corner of the planet for further research in the development of spirits and distillates of the highest quality, we obtain this exquisite rum with intense tropical notes mango, passion fruit, lime and coconut, which stand out from others in this perfectly balanced blend of rums matured for a minimum period of 1 year.

Milk-based cream of the highest quality, masterfully blended with a special selection of our house rums to delight the most demanding palates.

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